European and Balkan Voice Overs

Besides my work as a GREEK VOICE OVER talent  i can provide you with Voice Overs in any European language, through my network of collaborating Free Lancers and studios! Please contact if you need:

Albanian Voice Overs, Bulgarian Voice Overs, FYROM – Macedonian Voice Overs, Serbian Voice Overs
Slovenian Voice Overs, Croatian Voice Overs, Serbian Voice overs, Polish Voice Overs and Czech Republic Voice Overs, German Voice overs, Spanish Voice Overs, Romanian Voice Overs, Hungarian Voice Overs or any other EUROPEAN VOICE OVER.
and of course more Greek voice over talents. both male or female!

Please contact me to discuss your project and  get samples of the talents and rates!
Please visit my official site:

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Greek Voice Over – my TV commercials

Here are the latest of my Greek Voice Overs for TV commercials or Youtube videos
Please visit my new GREEK VOICE OVER site:

Οι τελευταίες μου επαγγελματικές εκφωνήσεις τηλεοπτικών διαφημιστικών σποτ και youtube videos!


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